July 19, 2015

Success Stories

Alexis Agosto

“Joed Lopez is a visionary dressed in suit and tie. Our program was specifically looking for ways to not only effectively

Alexis Agosto, Academic Counselor St. Peters University

Alexis Agosto, Academic Counselor St. Peters University

outreach to our upperclassmen population, but ways that we could provide innovative counseling that will help our students better prepare for post-graduate life. Our sessions with Mr. Lopez proved to do just that. Mr. Lopez not only listened to our respective needs and developed a program that directly targeted those needs, but worked on strategic implementation of our suggested ideas and organized how we as counselors could effectively market the program to our students. He helped us create a program that allowed for more impactful student counseling sessions by providing us with additional resources to use during said sessions.   As counselors, our sessions with Mr. Lopez enhanced our technological “savviness.” Joed educated us on the latest technological programs being used with the use of step-by-step interactive tutorials.  All-in-all, it is safe to say that our students are not the only ones who have benefited from Mr. Lopez’s visions.”

 Allie Duarte

Allie D

-Allie Duarte Animal Rights Educator and Advocate

“Working with PanVisio helped me tremendously! I know I want to create social change, but I struggle with focusing on my key, passionate topics to hone in and develop further. PanVisio helped me target my specific areas of interest and create purposeful action steps so I can benchmark my development of a non-profit. I learned more about what areas I’d like to be involved in, such as the environment and animal rights, as well as the vehicle in which I can create the change, such as educational reform. I am incredibly motivated as a result of my strategy meeting!”

Randolph Portugal

Panvisio is an organization dedicated to the successful implementation, realization, and execution of non-profits trying to make a difference. As an individual who has a passion and commitment to higher education, I knew I wanted to lead an organization that can make an impact in both local and state-wide communities. However, I was not sure on how to go about it. It wasn’t until I met Mr. Joed Lopez, that I finally knew what the proper methods and plans of attack were necessary to start a campaign that I was motivated to complete.

“Mr. Joed Lopez and his colleagues’ work with Panvisio is admirable due to it’s neatly organized, step by step,

Randolph Portugal, President EOFPANJ

Randolph Portugal, President EOFSAA.org

meticulous planning and successful methodology for making non-profits be the best they can be. I recommend any organization starting out and even older programs to utilize Panvisio’s method to make any minor or major changes in improving their mission and vision for the ideas and goals each organization wants to carry out. Their website is fantastic with all of their ideas in place but the actual workshops and training that they provide is that much better. I commend their work and I cannot wait to continue working with them in the near future.


Dominique C. Smith

Dominique C. Smith  Experienced Educator, Trainer, Facilitator, & Motivator

Dominique C. Smith
Experienced Educator, Trainer, Facilitator, & Motivator

I am appreciative of the time, professionalism, and focus that was provided to me in my session with Joed Lopez. My session with him, gave me the clarity and a direction that I had been seeking in my entrepreneurial ventures. I knew my purpose, but his methods and guidance through my planning and brainstorming process lead me to identify my opportunities of impact. Joed was resourceful and intuitive, he asked all the right questions. We all have grand ideas, and great talents, but without support, organization and the ability to process, prioritize, and direct our energy, we fall short of ourselves and the positive change that we can make in the lives of others. Thank you Joed.

Monserrat Cabral

Monserrat Cabral, MA

Monserrat Cabral, MA

“I am beginning a new project and needed it to get kicked off with a BOOM.  Although I had an idea of what I wanted I knew nothing of how to get it off the ground, add to this that ‘techy’ things do not come easily to me and you have one very overwhelmed person with a dream.  Cue Joed.  Joed is absolutely amazing in streamlining your focus and in communicating things that you, yourself, find it hard to put forth.  He is a true professional with astute customer service. With him, I was able to lay out a concise plan with tangible resources. He created a space for understanding and knowledge and with his help I was able to get my project to the next level! Not everyone has the gift to guide, teach and inspire – but Joed is a triple threat – he does it all…with grace.”

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