February 8, 2015

What We Are About

PanVisio was started in 2014 by John Marshall and myself, Joed Lopez. We believe the nonprofit sector is more important than ever in realizing positive social change. We’ve helped organizations ranging from nonprofits, professional associations, higher education departments, advocacy groups, and even faith based organizations from the tristate area. Our mission is simple.

We Empower Leaders on the Front Lines of Social Change.

We do this in 2 ways. The first is through our weekly podcast show. In the Q2 Podcast we interview a diverse group of social change leaders in the sector while shedding light on the software, strategies, and resources they use to find success. We’ve interviewed people like Tim Wise, Geoffrey Canada, Lisa Sharon Harper, and many many more.

The second way we empower leaders on the front line of social change is through our hands on education and trainings in the area of branding (what you do and represent in the minds of those you serve) and communications (how you message this to those you serve to get results).

While we can help any small to mid-size nonprofit, we specialize in assisting nonprofit professionals “in the trenches” who seek to impact underserved families and their communities. Some examples include:

  • Counselors

  • Volunteer Coordinators

  • Community Organizers

  • Social workers

  • Activists/Advocates,

  • Faith-based Leaders

  • Directors/Case Managers

If you want to learn more on how we can help, drop us a line on the CONTACT US page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Vision Statement

PanVisio will be known as radical leaders in digital communication strategy and tech training. We want to be known as the place where social change leaders in New Jersey and beyond go to when they want to better connect with their communities for greater impact. 



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