Dr. Christopher Irving on Tips to Jump Start Your Movement

In this brief episode, we catch Dr. Christopher Irving on the go. He is a busy guy. After all, he founded and currently leads the CMI Training Institute, holds public office, and oh by the way, sponsorsThe National Student Leadership Diversity Convention (with a conference happening in New York this November!). In this episode he shares some of the things he learned in making a living while making an impact in social change.


  • GET AN ADVANCED DEGREE: Why he decided to get his PhD (trust me, it isn’t just to do research) and how an advance degree can give you a head start in building credibility.
  • SALES IS NOT A DIRTY WORD: The 1 conversation that popped the “sales is bad” mindset.
  • PEOPLE BUY THE MESSENGER BEFORE THE MESSAGE: Right or wrong, people buy into you before they buy into your message.
    • Solutions for Police Brutality
    • How to diffuse political conversations that might go nuclear during the holidays!

More About Dr. Christopher Irving

Dr. Irving is born and raised in Paterson, NJ and is a proud product of the Paterson Public Schools. He holds a BA in Political dr-christopher-irvingScience from Ramapo College and a MA in Public Policy and International Affairs from William Paterson University. In April 2010 Dr.Irving was elected to the Paterson, NJ School Board serving a three year term and re-elected in April 2013.

Following the completion of his Masters Degree in Public Policy and International Affairs, Dr. Irving founded the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America (CMI). CMI is one of America’s most innovative leadership and diversity training non-profit organizations. Dedicated to the cause of social justice and leadership development, CMI programs empower its participants to function more effectively as people and communities. In July of 2016 Dr. Irving completed the successful defense of his doctoral dissertation at Seton Hall University.

More About the CMI Training Institute

Dedicated to the cause of social justice and leadership development, CMI training programs empower participants to function more effectively as people and communities.

We work with primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, as well as public and private community-based organizations, and in the workplace. CMI collaboratively identifies the needs and goals of our clients. Based on this information we develop comprehensive, customized programs that help effect long lasting change within our clients’ organizations. With an established track record of success, CMI leadership and diversity training programs inspire, engage, and educate participants of diverse ages and backgrounds.

CMI is committed to helping groups create the kind of climate that fosters a sense of community and belonging. We help to empower the individuals we work with to create an environment based on mutual respect, trust and collaboration, fully valuing and supporting each member of the group. Members share complementary values and goals and are aware of the conscious process of building and learning together.

More About the NSLDC

The National Student Leadership Diversity Convention is the largest national gathering of student leaders and campus based advisors to address the most critical topics of diversity and social justice challenging our campuses today. Through experiential workshops, keynote sessions, and round table discussions teams of students will explore various elements of diversity and how they affect themselves and their campuses. During the conference students will be led through facilitated workshops to develop a Campus Action Plan for a program or event that the teams selects to work on together on in order to bring back a piece of the NSLDC experience to their own campuses.

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