30 Orgs. 90 Days. 1 Email. Social Change Tech Help…FREE

Can 1 Email Be The Difference for Your Favorite Social Change Organization?



Some of you arrived to this page because you were referred by a friend. As you will learn from the video above, I have set out to help 30 social change organizations in 90 days as part of a challenge and campaign of sorts. You see, I recently went from taking PanVisio from a part time effort to a full-time movement. And I want to celebrate with putting out good vibes and helping our community of social change leaders reach new heights. The idea is to help with a quick win or an item on a project that has been nagging you or someone you know for some time.

Some of the areas that you or someone you know can benefit from are…

  • Website design plans to turn visitors into volunteers or donors
  • Streamline the contact database of members, partners, donors, etc.
  • Free trainings on knowing when to use email blast vs social media
  • Getting them started on how to obtain Google for Nonprofits for FREE to increase your communications and cloud storage!
  • Training on how to use the latest, greatest (and often FREE) online tools for nonprofits for social media engagement

Since I started, it has been a whirlwind of participation. Here are just a few I had the pleasure of helping…I only have 8 spots left and under a month to go! So if this is for you, contact me ASAP to make sure you get a slot for you or your organization. NOTE: I also help those who are just starting out with their social change idea, so don’t be afraid to reach out for that too.

These are just some of the organizations I've assisted with as part of the challenge. Let's feature yours!

These are just some of the organizations I’ve assisted with as part of the challenge. Let’s feature yours!



If this is not for you, that is cool too. Below you can find the template you can use for an email intro for a friend that might benefit.

Subject: Saw this and immediately thought of you…

Cc: jlopez AT panvisio.org
Dear NAME,
I hope all is well. I have a friend who started an organization that exclusively helps nonprofits and churches. The reason why I’m writing you is because he is in the middle of a campaign challenge to help 30 organizations in 90 days for free.
He has worked at the largest leadership society in the country, churches from different states,  countless universities, and various national and international nonprofit boards from NY, PA, and NJ.
I figured there might be an opportunity for you to benefit from the challenge since he specializes in the follow areas:
  • Websites (Re-designs, website best practices, updating, etc.)
  • Database (e.g. donor and volunteer management/communications)
  • Social Media (When to use email blasts vs social media)
  • Google for Nonprofits (How to get google to empower your cloud storage, email accounts, and more)
He shared with me that it’s all free without any catch…he just wanted to help with a small win or project that’s been nagging you to complete. Here is the thing: to make sure he can help, he would need a quick 5-10 minute call to see if this is something that you could benefit from. Does this sound like something you would be interested in learning more about?
I cc’ed him on this email and leave it up to you guys to connect to see if you’d want to learn more. To see the list of other organizations that have benefited from the challenge check out the link: http://panvisio.org/2016/08/30-orgs-90-days-1-email-social-change-tech-help-free/
All the best,

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