Sean Anderson on Social Change Through Technology

Sean Anderson, a 20-year information technology executive, is our guest on the podcast today. He shares with use some methods on building awareness for your movement and creating social change through technology. Sean has held key positions at public, private and non-profit organizations. The seasoned and hands-on expert is passionate about helping young technology professionals define themselves and develop meaningful careers that contribute to advances in the industry.

Sean Anderson, Author of Boot Sequence

His new book is titled: Boot Sequence: Strategies to Guide Your Career in Information Technology. Pick up your copy asap! Or learn more at

In this episode we uncover behind the scenes look at how he leveraged technology for the 9-11 Memorial in New York as well as the universal truths that guide our implementation of technology for social change. He also shares how this 1 tool is NOT a nice to have but an imperative to use if you want to get results in fundraising and running your nonprofit smarter, not harder. It is all about how to tell your story through technology for social change. All this an more in this week’s episode of the Q2 Podcast.

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Sample Show Notes for “Social Change Through Technology” Episode:

  1. Be THOUGHTFUL about your end goal
  2. Tell your organizations story first, then use the numbers/stats
  3. Ensure your social media branding matches your website branding and naming conventions
  4. Customer/Constituent Relationship Manager system is NOT a nice to have, but a MUST!
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