Master Strategy Session between Rich Birch and Pastor Eddie Lopez

In this episode, we bring back the Master Strategy Session with Joed Lopez as the moderator. This one is between Special Guest Expert Rich Birch of and Special Guest Pastor Eddie Lopez of King Of Kings Church based out of Pennsauken New Jersey.  Pastor Eddie uses this opportunity to ask questions that other faith-based organizations have regarding some of the following:
  1. Stabilizing their church finances,
  2. Scaling their impact, and
  3. Moving out of Church Plant mode.

Rich’s 15+ years of experience has lead to multiple churches expanding their reach. He now oversees communication, weekend services, campus expansion, and special projects at Liquid Church based out of New Jersey.  Liquid Church currently sits at four sites, but will soon be expanding to two more.  If you would like to learn more about Rich Birch, CLICK THIS LINK!

He shares that is in the middle of a series of podcasts and blogs on the topic of increasing revenue. Here is just one example of the great content he shares:
Sit back and enjoy your sneak peak into this master session consultation, and thanks for listening to another episode of the Q2 podcast, sponsored by PanVisio.
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