Andrew Hewitt of Game Changers 500 on Creating New Models for Social Change

It is official. The game has change…

You never change things by fighting Andrew Hewitt Game Changers 500 PanVisio Q2 Podcast Social Change fourth sector for benefit corporations
the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller



And Andrew Hewitt tells us why. Andrew Hewitt( follow him @a_hewitt) is the Founder of GameChangers 500, an organization that shines the spotlight on the world’s top For-Benefit businesses. Considered an alternative to lists like the Fortune 500, GameChangers 500 looks beyond revenue as the “point system” and awards organizations up to 9 badges that represent symbols of success in this “new game” of business.

His research has led him to be featured in major media such as BBC World News, Forbes and Fast Company, speak at premier venues such as TEDx and the Social Entrepreneurship World Forum, and work with both innovative new companies like as well as consult century old corporations like Kraft Foods.

Andrew’s progress in helping define a new “For-Benefit” model of business earned him a seat on the Advisory Council for the Fourth Sector Mapping Initiative that is helping the US government formalize the For-Benefit legal model to become a new fourth sector of the economy, joining the existing three sectors—for-profit, non-profit and government.

Andrew’s passion to inspire young leaders to seek careers at For-Benefit companies has him regularly collaborating with universities such as Princeton, Harvard, and the United Nations University for Peace.


Keynote on what it means to be a for-benefit business, including inspiring examples from organizations around the world.
Theory of Change (Best Practice EVERY ORGANIZATION should have).
QUOTE: “It is not actual suffering but the taste of better things which excites people to revolt. – Eric Hoffer”
What is a “For Benefit” Entity and how does it compare to For Profits and Non-Profits.
Free resource guide on where to find purpose-driven companies:
Here is a link to a presentation on how to get the attention of purpose-driven employees and 10X your chances of getting hired:
Please share! There are alternative models for social change. You can be apart of this movement.

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