[PODCAST] The Art and Science of Delegating with Tim Duffy (www.duffyleadership.com)

“I can’t afford doing it twice so I rather do it right the first time myself.”

Sound familiar?

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Tim Duffy of Duffyleadership.com

Delegation. We know it is important, but we know the fear of assigning someone with a task that won’t get done or worse, not done properly.

Yet, we know putting everything on our own shoulders isn’t sustainable either. So how can we empower those around us to be more effective and efficient in their roles?

Tim Duffy of Duffyleadership.com helps us out by giving us a free coaching session on the art and science of delegation. In this new podcast format, Tim shares his leadership tips and techniques with Carly Hill, Executive Director of The Cardinal Nest, an up and coming nonprofit designed to help high school students through mentoring and post-graduate life planning. Please check out their websites and show some love.

In this episode we cover:

  • The set up for proper delegation
  • How to get deeper buy-in (and the 1 time you are justified NOT to wait and cultivate buy-in)
  • The 5 Elements of effective delegation
  • 2 Activities that turn this insight into habit
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Carly Hill

You can learn more about Tim Duffy and Carly Hill below along with the powerful  bonus document below in the show notes.


BOOK: The Steward Leader

BOOK:  7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

HANDOUT: Handout How to Delegate Effectively.pdf


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