[PODCAST] Red “Cross”, Gun Control, Kalief Browder & Criminal Justice Reform

John and I cover current events and more. In this episode we talk about:

  • The scandal surrounding Red Cross (and new considerations on donating with smaller, leaner organizations).
  • A gun control policy that actually worked?
  • Kalief Browder and the importance reforming the juvenile detention/criminal justice system (and a report that highlights a starting point).

Show Notes:

Red Cross Haiti Scandal

Red Cross Response

Connecticut’s Gun Control Policy Outcomes

On Kalief Browder

HBO’s John Oliver on the Bail System (Non-violent offender sent to Riker’s Island for not having $1000 to pay bail).

Pennsylvania Judge Gets ‘Life Sentence’ For Prison Kickback Scheme

[Info Graphic] ACLU From School to Prison Pipeline

[Report] Families Unlocking Futures

Community Connections for Youth



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