[PODCAST] Red “Cross”, Gun Control, Kalief Browder & Criminal Justice Reform

John and I cover current events and more. In this episode we talk about: The scandal surrounding Red Cross (and new considerations on donating with smaller, leaner organizations). A gun control policy that actually worked? Kalief Browder and the importance reforming the juvenile detention/criminal justice system (and a report that highlights a starting point). Show[…]

[PODCAST] The Art and Science of Delegating with Tim Duffy (www.duffyleadership.com)

“I can’t afford doing it twice so I rather do it right the first time myself.” Sound familiar? Delegation. We know it is important, but we know the fear of assigning someone with a task that won’t get done or worse, not done properly. Yet, we know putting everything on our own shoulders isn’t sustainable[…]

[PODCAST] Claire Robertson-Kraft on REAL Education Reform

  Claire Robertson-Kraft is a post-doctoral fellow in education policy and the Associate Director of Operation Public Education at Penn. Her research focuses on how new policies influence teachers’ motivation, effectiveness, and retention. After graduating from Penn in 2004, Claire worked with Teach For America, first as a third grade teacher and then as a[…]