[PODCAST] Jeff Russell of Jitasa, One of the Largest Accounting Firms for Nonprofits

jeff russell q2 podcast panvisio nonprofit new jersey accountingYale MBA Graduate, Jeff Russell, is the Founder and CEO of Jitasa (formerly Easy Office), a certified B-Corporation providing finance and accounting services to non-profits nationwide. Previously, Jeff worked at Accenture as a business process outsourcing advisor and consultant for Fortune 500 companies, and at PACCESS, a supply chain services company, overseeing their Asian operations from his office in Bangkok. Jeff is active in many non-profits, including as Treasurer for Riverstone International School and Advisory Board member for the Responsible Business Initiative.
In this episode, we go into a bit about his background and what let him to start an accounting firm dedicated to nonprofits while incorporating as a for profit LLC then later B Corp (we’ll go into what that exactly is later).

We also learn when is it okay to have a shoebox accounting system, and at what level you should upgrade to tools and software that he suggests…and hint: its not always quick books.

Most importantly, he shares with us why 84% of you don’t get grants and the 3 things that you can do IMMEDIATELY to increase your odds in changing that around.

After the interview, PanVisio will be sharing details on our 1st giveaway. Stick around on the details in how you can win a free copy of his book, Do What You Do Best: Outsourcing As Capacity Building in the Nonprofit Sector. You are going to see how that ties into what Jitasa does for nonprofits.

Jeff spices up a usually stale topic in the following interview that I hope you really enjoy.

Show Notes:

Why a B Corp? http://www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps

Jitasa Blog: http://jitasa.is/_blog/Jitasa_Blog
B Lab: http://www.sbnphiladelphia.org/directory/listing/905/b_lab
Quickbooks for NonProfits: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/nonprofit-accounting-software/

Free Excel Templates for Accounting: http://dotxls.com/free-excel-templates/free-excel-templates—finance-and-accounting-templates

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