Nell Edgington of on the Q2 Podcast

Nell Edgington President, Social Velocity

Nell Edgington
President, Social Velocity

In this episode of the Q2 Podcast Joed Lopez interviews Nell Edgington.

Nell Edgington has almost 20 years of experience innovating in the nonprofit sector. At Social Velocity she helps nonprofit leaders chart a strategic direction, achieve financial sustainability, engage their boards, and become more effective leaders.

We talk about:

  • Why she thinks the nonprofit sector are broken and how we need to reimagine the ways in which nonprofits operation. Case in point: Fundraising vs. Financing as a model for sustainability.
  • Why everyone from the board of directors to staff MUST understand the financials of your organizations in this new light.
  • Good news, Nell has some resources that are free (blog) and affordable (ebooks/tools).
  • Can social enterprise be the next step in the evolution of the sector?
  • What is a “theory of change” and why your organization MUST have one to build a case for investment for your organization.
  • Among other things, she pops some myths about how nonprofits CAN get political and what that means for your advoocacy efforts.
  • How can we operationalize your goals using tools like ASANA or something as simple as google docs.
  • Last but not least, we finish up by talking about this thing called The Performance Imperative and why this could be a game changer in setting the bar for execellence in effectiveness for nonprofits.Learn more about Nell here:

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