[PODCAST Part I]: Dr. Guy Generals on Setting the Record Straight: Entrepreneurship, Education, and the Legacy of Booker T. Washington

“Innovation can manifest itself through many ways…and many formats. I think to the extent that we foster curricula that encourages critical inquiry, creative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I think that we add to the overall direction and soul of the city”. – Dr. Donald “Guy” Generals.“

Dr. Guy Generals President of Community College of Philadelphia Social Change PanVisio Q2 PodcastThese words were spoken by Dr. Guy Generals, a personal friend, and someone I greatly admire. He joins us for the first of two installments of the Q2 Podcast. Dr. Donald “Guy” Generals is the newly appointed president of the Community College of Philadelphia. He shares his very inspiring educational experience and what he has learned on the way to becoming a President. He recently enjoyed his inauguration.

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