[Podcast] Free 2 year college, HBCUs, John’s Tech/Productivity System

In this episode we discuss the possible ramifications of having free community college, HBCUs, and the challenges of inner city church ministry. We also talk about John’s (Co-founder) talks about his particular productivity system. Thank you guys for joining in, and we hope you enjoy this episode of the Q2 podcast, brought to you by[…]

[Podcast Part II] Part II: Setting the Record Straight: Entrepreneurship, Education, and the Legacy of Booker T. Washington

“Innovation can manifest itself through many ways…and many formats. I think to the extent that we foster curricula that encourages critical inquiry, creative thinking, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I think that we add to the overall direction and soul of the city”. – Dr. Donald “Guy” Generals. These words were spoken by Dr. Guy Generals,[…]

My Favorite Apps For Boosting Productivity From My Phone [By John Marshall]

It’s 2014 and the majority of us have smartphones.  Unfortunately we hardly use our phones to their fullest potential.  It is a computer that is pocket sized (or larger if you’re a phablet user) and it can make your life better or worse. Here are some of the apps I use to make sure I[…]