[Q2 PODCAST] Dr. Nancy Blattner of Caldwell University

Dr. Nancy Blattner Caldwell University New Jersey PanVisio Q2 PodcastHere Joed Lopez interviews President of Caldwell University, Nancy Blattner Ph.D. She was listed by NJ Biz as one of the Top 50 Women in Business in 2013. Despite the significant challenges facing many liberal arts institutions, she was able to bring her college to university standing. Non-profit and education leaders will greatly benefit from this conversation that answers the following:

  • The role of mentors…is it REALLY critical for success?
  • What is that leaders/administrators just need to “get over ” ?
  • How do you deal with those who will never be happy with your leadership?
  • Why adopting a “customer-centric” lens can be helpful in any organization.

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